The phasing of BDD follows a pragmatic approach to ensure the organic growth of a vibrant urban district, catering to the digital and creative communities. BDD will develop to attract 10,000 creative talents by 2030, 500 companies, 250 residential units, a business hotel, and total BUA of 140,000m2, where the young talent can WORK, LIVE, AND PLAY.

  • Innovative office spaces
  • Residential units targeting the creative classes
  • 3* to 4* Business Hotel
  • Canteens and Restaurants
  • Social Lounges and Event Spaces
  • Gym and Sports Court
  • Libraries
  • Meeting and Training Rooms
  • A Beauty and Wellness Spa
  • Kindergarten

Phase A: 17,500 m2 Completed
Phase B: 35,000m2 In Progress.
Phase C: 75,000 m2.
Phase D: 120,000 m2.


T3 will rise from Beirut Digital District’s development, as the first residential tower, designed by PARALX. Designed to cater to changing lifestyles, T3 will offer small residential units to the digital and creative community. The street level of the slab-and-glass structure will include cafes and restaurants, while the apartments are designed to have an airy feeling with open plans and high ceilings. Each has its own mini piazza consisting of a hanging garden or plunge pool.

  • 19,000 bua
  • City, sea, and mountain view
  • Sky gardens and vertical green spaces
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Small residential units
  • High ceilings


BDD1088 represents the “New Office Building” design, capturing new generation architecture, embracing new technologies, and bringing an innovated environment to its surrounding. Designed by BAD. Built by Associative Data, BDD1088 expands on a grand scale, making its design a bold architectural statement adding a contemporary landmark on a major highway in Beirut.

  • 45,000 BUA
  • Glass building skin allowing generous natural light


BDD Forum, designed by BAD. Built by Associative Data, plans to become the center of all activities happening at BDD. The innovative, vibrant community hub will contain both reactional spaces and a business setting such as training rooms, event spaces, canteens and startup offices, further sparking life and bustle within the creative communities.

  • 4,400 BUA
  • Facade with corrugated GRP / Perspex screen
  • Exposed concrete with perforated aluminum ceilings
  • Wood floor covering and seating for lightweight auditorium steps
  • Water features with concrete benches
  • Terraced seating